Canadian Healing Touch Foundation

CHTF Bursaries

The Canadian Healing Touch Foundation's (CHTF) has the mandate to provide financial assistance in the form of bursaries to individuals wishing to attend any recognised Healing Touch class in Canada and who need financial assistance.

Individuals who are keen to study Healing Touch but are hesitant to do so because of funding challenges can apply to the CHTF Bursary Award Program.

Bursary Application Guidelines

  1. Canadian Healing Touch Courses Levels 1-5 are eligible for bursaries.
  2. Two Bursaries are allowed per class.
  3. Any intended bursary applications must be received 7 days prior to attendance at a Healing Touch course.
  4. Acknowledgement of receipt of the application and the approval status of a bursary will be sent by email before the start date of the course.
  5. Applications for bursaries prepared and received after the course will not be processed.
  6. The application can be submitted by using the on-line form or by printing and filling out the PDF form. Application Form links can be found in the homepage footer of the CHTF website. The application form must be completed by the student, not another person.
  7. Qualified applicants can receive a bursary for one Healing Touch course (Levels 1-5) once per calendar year. Twelve full months must elapse between the dates of the classes before an applicant will be considered eligible for an additional bursary.
  8. Bursaries are for a maximum of $150 for Levels 1-3 and $200 for Levels 4 & 5.
  9. Each application is treated confidentially as per the applicant's wishes.
  10. The bursary application will be shared with the CHTF Board Members while being processed. As part of receiving a bursary, we invite you to consider contributing in the future to the CHTF in order to help other students benefit from the Foundation services.
  11. An Interac e-Tranfer payment of your bursary, using your email address, will be made after we receive from your instructor confirmation of your class attendance or you send us a copy of your certificate of class completion.
  12. If a bursary needs to be paid by cheque, it will be written in the name of applicant and sent to the applicant.
  13. Bursary Application Forms must be completed in full with the following information:
    1. The requested personal information
    2. The requested course information
    3. The circumstances which support the need for financial assistance
    4. The current involvement in Healing Touch activities
    5. A brief description of the expectations on how the learned Healing Touch skills will be applied in service to the HT community