Canadian Healing Touch Foundation

Fund raising Ideas

We are sure that you can find many creative ways of setting aside some money in order to fund your yearly donation, but in case you need ideas,  here are a few that might inspire you. You will be surprised how quickly the money builds up;.

  1. Label a coin purse or piggy bank "CHTF' and 
  2. Regularly put in change from your wallet.
  3. Once a week (or more often:) give up your "latte" and put the money saved in your CHTF bank.
  4. Put in the proceeds from a moving or garage sale. This is a way to get a tax benefit from your sale.
  5. Collect the money from refundable recyclables. Remember: Your recycling efforts will be worth that much more when you receive your charitable tax receipt. Perhaps a few neighbours will give you theirs to help you out.
  6. During the biannual HTAC conference collect your change over the days of the conference and leave your collection in a completed donation envelope at the CHTF table. Your tax receipt will be emailed to you. Take the time to chat a few minutes as we would love to meet you.

Other ideas for your HT community

  1. During your HT practice sessions have a HT piggy bank available for practitioners' coins. Once a year total it up and mail the Foundation a cheque along with the completed HT donation form.
  2. At your local HT event or conference put out a dish with candies or chocolates with a request for a donation to the CHTF.
  3. Perhaps some of your local organisations, where your HT community is involved in offering treatments or promoting and teaching HT (like Boys and Girls, Big Brothers, Lion's, etc. or a Hospice or Hospital Foundation), might be willing to make a donation to the CHTF as a way of thanks for the voluntary treatments offered.
  4. On our annual Healing Touch Day or other HT event, post a short description about the CHTF on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account with a suggestion to send an on-line donation through Canada Helps at